Aug 24thth, Saturday from 4:00pm until…


Must register online  –  PLAYER  GUIDE / rules

$100 CASH PRIZE for 1st place team

3 man teams (registration includes 120 balls per person)

$0 entry fee per person / $0 per team includes 1 pod paint per person

double elimination brackets

MUST Register online (bottom of page)

5 team minimum, weather permitting

bring your own gun or use rental gear

single shot only (semi auto) no full auto

chrono required (must be under 300 fps)

5 minute time limit for each battle

paintballs purchased at the tournament rate –

…..1 pod = (aprox 120 balls) = $2.50

…..or 1 case of 2,000 paintballs for $40.00


  1. capture the flag  =  WIN and advance
  2. no one on either team gets shot = DRAW
  3. if your team of 3 all get shot, you loose and go to the losers bracket.
  4. if neither team shoots all 3 opponents, the team with the most players left wins.


ALL Brackets here